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Upington Accommodation | BeMyGuestUpington Accommodation | BeMyGuestUpington Accommodation | BeMyGuestUpington Accommodation | BeMyGuestUpington Accommodation | BeMyGuestUpington Accommodation | BeMyGuest
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Attractions & Heritage Sites Nearby

The following attractions & heritage sites can be found near BeMyGuest Guest House:

Attractions | Kalahari Mall

0.2 km from BeMyGuest

Kalahari Mall is Upington’s first, very own super-regional shopping centre. With its wide variety of shops, services and leisure options, shoppers can enjoy more than 70 stores, ranging from well-known retail outlets to an impressive mix of speciality stores.

Attractions | Desert Palace Hotel & Casino Resort

8km from BeMyGuest

Desert Palace Hotel & Casino Resort situated in the heart of the Kalahari at the Upington Golf Course, offers a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere with friendly, efficient and well-trained staff whose main priority is you!

Attractions | Upington Museum

2.7km from ByMyGuest

Welcome to the land of contrasts, Upington. Where the lush green vineyards stand proud in the valley, bearing the fruit that makes the nectars of the gods – not far from where the Orange River thunders into a deep granite gorge to create the mighty Augrabies Falls.

Attractions | Sakkie se Arkie

2.6km from ByMyGuest

The Orange rivers is majestic and mostly serene and what better way to explore it than to sit back and relax on Sakkie se Arkie for a breathtaking sunset river cruise!

Attractions | Kalahari Outventures

117km from ByMyGuest

Kalahari Outventures is a professional Adventure Safari company specialising in personalised wilderness trips on the Orange River or into the Green Kalahari Desert. Situated in the Green Kalahari of the Northern Cape, South Africa, we are blessed with a life on the Banks of the Orange River near the Augrabies Falls National Park. Home to wilderness adventures and safari experiences, we can offer an insight into the amazing Kalahari Desert and the almighty Orange River.

Attractions | Orange River Wine Tasting Centre

1.5km from BeMyGuest

Orange River Wine Tasting Centre. Pair wine with one of our delicious PLATTERS and enjoy any occasion with friends and family.
Wine Tasting & Sales:
Mon – Fr: 10:00 – 19:00
Saturdays: 10:00 – 15:00

Open on Public Holidays
Closed on Good Friday, Christmas, Day of Goodwill & New Year’s Day

Attractions | Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

250km drive from Upington

Where the red dunes and scrub fade into infinity and herds of gemsbok, springbok, eland and blue wildebeest follow the seasons, where imposing camel thorn trees provide shade for huge black-mane lions and vantage points for leopard and many raptors… this is the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park.

Attractions | Augrabies Falls National Park

120km drive from Upington

Few sights are as awesome or a sound as deafening as water thundering down the 56m Augrabies Waterfall when the Orange River is in full flood.

Attractions | Riemvasmaak Hotsprings

118km drive from Upington

Riemvasmaak offers the tourist a variety of activities as well as breathtaking, rugged beauty. Accommodation is available in comfortable chalets.

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